Lizz Pratt

Lizz Pratt has had her hands in on the arts since she was a child. Born into a family of artists, she was certainly encouraged to have her hands in a paint jar and explore the wonders of art. Throughout elementary school and right through high school Lizz excelled in her art classes and enjoyed after school programs such as clay at the Devon House Clay Studio. Once the time came to decide what to do as a career the answer was easy-art. She applied for and received a scholarship grant from the Devon House Craft Council each year she was away studying, and graduated from a three-year program from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design in 2006. She walked away with a diploma in Photography and a certificate in Visual Arts.

Lizz has been living back in Newfoundland since 2006. In 2007 she started a small business painting wall murals, customizing each one to the client’s taste with a touch of her own style. With each mural being different each time Lizz learns from each experience and enjoys every mural she paints.

Apart from murals, she also specializes in children’s room décor. This involves going into people’s homes to help clients & their children to pick out paint, bedding accessories, etc that best suits their needs, while listening to the child’s expectations. Children’s rooms have become a popular trend in the decorating world, as children love to express themselves, and what better way to do it than in their own bedroom. Lizz looks forward to each experience whether it is decorating tips or to create a mural for someone’s wall. Painting murals is like bringing someone’s imagination to life. The wall is her canvas, all she needs is paint.

Photography is another area Lizz has great interest in. With a diploma in photography, she is slowly expanding her portfolio. She concentrates on outdoor photography mainly, such as still life as well as portrait photography. She enjoys taking pictures of children, as they are so spontaneous they always make a great photo. She has gotten into wedding photography as well, and encourages people to look through her portfolio as it is something she plans to continue.

Enjoying the business she has created, Lizz looks forward to meeting new clients as each one brings something different. Whether it is capturing a moment in a photograph or painting a child’s imagination on a wall, Lizz enjoys every minute of it, and looks forward to continuing with her business.